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"The Master and Margarita- the European path of inclusion".

"The Master and Margarita- the European path of inclusion".

During the project which will take place between 12th and 21st of June 2021, participants will develop their Russian abilities, especially in the field of education and trainings. Participants will develop very concrete non-verbal artistic skills related to drama and improvisation which will lead to creation of effective communication strategies used by trainers when working with diversified target groups ( especially migrants and refugees). Apart from that, shared creative experiences lead to insights on personal exploration and development as well as create empathy which enables changing perceptions, dialogue as well as empowers young people.

1) To develop strategies to handle communications in working with diverse groups of refugees, migrants and people with fewer opportunities.

2) To provide tools based on efficient communication for conflict management and anti-radicalisation

3) To equip 30 youth workers in tools and competences related to the subject, tools and instruments concerning the correct and effective implementation of an international project, with particular emphasis on the KA1 Erasmus +, in Russian

4) To provide participants with practical tools to activate and improve their Russian language skills

The project funded by the #Erasmusplus programme.

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