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The C project

Dear All! We would like to share with You our new, ongoing project funded under the #Erasmusplus programme!

The C is strategic partnership between 3 organisations from Poland #FundacjaInnowacyjnejEdukacji, Slovakia #thaliateatro and Denmark #Creativereflex, which aims to develop a methodology for youth empowerment and engagement to take the climate actions.

Partners are going to develop methodology based on Clown, Puppets and Mime theatre is aiming the youth empowerment focusing on empowerment to take the climate actions. The development of the methodology will unite the efforts of youth workers from inside and outside the partnership to empower the youth at local level. Project bring new alternative and innovative approach towards the eco-empowerment.

The methodology is design to develop competences of participants, increase their personal and professional development, increasing self-esteem, confidence and employability.

The aim of the project is developing competencies of youth workers in the field of youth empowerment at local level; to act strategically towards impactful climate action through the performative art of improvisation, mime, clown and puppetry.

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