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The Sewing Theatre- Publication

Dear All, please find the publication from our project "The Sewing Theatre". The project co-funded by the European Union, within the programme #ErasmusPlus.

Pobierz PDF • 8.33MB

The objectives of the above mentioned: -Increasing ecological and recycling awareness through the use of unnecessary materials to givethem new life. As part of this goal, youth sew our costumes, decorations and stage decorationsfrom old clothes, textiles, which is to increase our commitment and develop creative skills, caringfor the natural environment.

-Theater allowed youth to develop the ability to express and interpret positive and negativeemotions, apply appropriate rules of behavior, the ability to be in a group, it allowed youth tofight discrimination, xenophobia, intolerance and racism, but it will also be a way to fightstereotypes, promote intercultural dialogue, European integration, increasing our competencesand knowledge about our countries and cultures.

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