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Edu Play- Educational Games

““Life is more fun if you play games.” - Roald Dahl.

We agree that games are one of the most inspiring, engaging, driving forces of creativity, learning and development. Nowadays, games are one of the main pastimes of people. Games field grows and develops fast and diverse. So, we love the idea of games being educational tools and truly believe learning can be fun.

Coming back to year 2020, due to COVID, youth workers and educators faced a new reality when their work transferred to on-line area. It led to several challenges in youth work and non-formal education, like lack of digital competences both of youth and youth workers, lack of motivation, lack of instruments, methods, flexibility and diversity in online learning. It was the time when we decided to make this KA2 EduPlay project in the partnership of 5 organizations from Czechia, Poland, Germany, Hungary and Netherlands.

The project "EduPlay" aims to raise the quality of youth work and non-formal education through the learning of the creative process of educational games development and gamification of youth work processes, and digitalisation of games for online use.

During the last two years we developed and tested several educational games with the main focus on increasing the awareness and importance of using games and gamification in the learning process, discussing what makes games and gamification process educational, learning how to use games in education and how to create an educational and digital game.

We implemented two training courses, three transnational project meetings, an online course on game development for participants and five multiplier events. Here we are with 5 educational games based on local social, youth and educational needs for children and young people (age13+).

Check the games out here (link is external) and have fun while learning.

KA2 Strategic Partnership EduPlay has been funded by the European Union through Erasmus+ Programme.

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