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Present Work Future Steps

The project "Present Work Future Steps" was a mobility of Youth workers, that took place in Poronin/Murzasichle (Poland) (29.10-02.11.2019).

The main aims and objectives of the projects were:

-To share realities in our home states and reflect on the opportunities of HRE and intercultural learning as potential driving force in advocating democracy

-To explore the meaning of social diplomacy in current social and political situations in different countries, to identify its potential, limits, challenges and current state

-To brainstorm the competences of educators which need to be developed/ enhanced in nowadays situation (e.g. political competence etc.)

-To develop joint initiatives for educators aiming at strengthening our capacities in HRE and intercultural learning

-To develop joint strategies on dealing with different challenges of HR in educational field

-To create new contacts and networking

-To develop innovative mechanisms and to develop new ideas; to draft project ideas (Youth exchanges, trainings, seminars, voluntary projects etc.)

-To deepen knowledge on Erasmus + program, other European and national funding opportunities and to find potential partners for application.

The project was funded under the Erasmus+ programme.

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