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Inclusion Ambassador_Game

We would like to share with You our educational game "Inclusion Ambassador", created within the project "EduGame- educational games development" under the small-scale partnership Erasmus+ programme. The project was implemented in collaboration of 3 international partners: #FundacjaInnowacyjnejEdukacji #TEIS #CGE

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The educational aim of the game "Inclusion Ambassador" is to promote awareness and understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion principles while encouraging players to actively design and foster inclusive communities. The game aims to achieve the following educational objectives: Enhancing Knowledge: Through the Knowledge Cards and discussions during gameplay, players are exposed to various topics related to inclusivity, such as different cultures, identities, and social issues. This promotes a deeper understanding of diversity and expands players' knowledge base. Critical Thinking: The game challenges players to think critically about real-life scenarios and propose inclusive solutions. By evaluating the proposed ideas and engaging in discussions, players develop their analytical and problem-solving skills. Empathy and Perspective Taking: Inclusion Ambassador encourages players to consider different perspectives and empathize with others' experiences. The game prompts discussions that highlight the importance of empathy, respect, and understanding in creating inclusive communities. Collaboration and Communication: The game fosters collaboration among players as they discuss, evaluate, and provide feedback on each other's ideas. Effective communication skills are vital to convey inclusive solutions and engage in constructive dialogue. Action-Oriented Mindset: By exploring the Action Cards and reflecting on real-life challenges through the Challenge Cards, players are encouraged to consider practical ways to implement inclusive actions within their communities. The game inspires players to become change agents and take proactive steps toward creating inclusive environments. Promoting Inclusive Decision-Making: Inclusion Ambassador emphasizes the concept of inclusivity in decision-making processes. Players are encouraged to consider the impact of their choices and propose inclusive solutions that benefit diverse individuals and groups. Promoting Positive Social Change: The game aims to inspire players to take the principles and lessons learned from gameplay into their real lives. By encouraging inclusive behaviors and actions, Inclusion Ambassador seeks to foster positive social change and contribute to building more inclusive societies. #erasmusplus #erasmus+ #inclusion #game #education

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